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Through this process, the lives of both the mentor and the student are transformed as they grow closer to God together.


The Program

 Through the Crossroads Canada correspondence mentorship program, volunteer mentors write to incarcerated men and women, review their completed Bible study lessons and answer their questions.


They share stories from their own lives and help their students see how God is speaking to them through His Word.

Benefits of the program


Mentors who review students’ lessons and mail them back with encouraging letters


Access to more than one hundred Bible study lessons


A certificate of achievement and a free book (if allowed by the facility) with each course a student finishes


A progress letter (upon request) to the parole board, the student’s judge or a prospective employer after the student has completed at least twelve lessons

How It Works

1.- Crossroads Canada sends a Bible study lesson to a student.

2.- The student completes the lesson and mails it back to the Crossroads Canada office.

3.- Crossroads sends the next lesson to the student and forwards the student’s completed lesson            to a volunteer mentor.

4.- As the student works on their next lesson, the mentor reviews the completed lesson and mails it        back to the student along with an encouraging letter.

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